How to Choose the Perfect Running Shoes


2. Material of the Shoes

Now that you have checked the sole, it is time to look at the material that the shoe is made out of. It is a waterproof material, plastic material, ventilation material, etc.? The best type of running shoes is the one with a bit of ventilation on the sides and the top and is made out of a type of waterproof material. However, ensure that the material is not plastic or else the shoe will not last long. The waterproof material has to be the kind that is more on the malleable range. As a result, when you walk, the material will not start to crack like how plastic will.

3. Bottom of the Shoe

Next, you must check the bottom of the shoes. Is it very thin and made out of bad quality material. Will rain and water soak through it. Is it protective enough so that you won’t hurt your feet? Does are questions that you must ask yourself before you buy a pair of running shoes.

4. Comfort

The last thing you have to consider is how comfortable the shoes are. Maybe the bottom of the shoe is too hard and is difficult to walk in. Maybe the shape of the shoes does not fit you properly. As a result, it is a no brainer that you must try on the shoes and walk around for a few minutes to see if that is the pair of shoes that will last you a long time.