How to Get the Perfect 8 Pack Abs


3. Exercise

Now here is the big part, exercising. Exercising is the secret to getting the perfect 8 pack. Three of the best exercises that are recommended that you do every single day are leg raises, ball crunch, and the Russian twist. If you want the quickest results, do those moves for 100 times with 3 repetitions. Remember to start off slow. Don’t hurt yourself. If you are not able to do all that on the first day, do not feel discouraged and stop. You must persevere and continue step by step. If so, you will reach your goals in now time.

4. Diet

Another huge part is diet. You must cut off all fat foods and remember to eat lots and lots of protein. However, do not consume protein powder. It is actually very bad for your health. It may seem very good at the beginning but for the long run, it is extremely bad.

As you can see, getting the perfect 8 pack is not easy but it is doable for everyone. As long as you follow the four tips above, you will have no problem.