Playboys: 10 Richest Soccer Stars and The Girls They Date


Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world and it continues to bring in the big bucks. Therefore, numerous soccer players have banked huge fortunes that many of them enjoy while also enjoying the company of women. While there are a few who have found that special woman to share their life, the rumors abound of having fun while traveling with the team. Others are happily single and sharing the company of some of the most beautiful women the world has to offer. Click through to see who the wealthiest soccer stars choose to date and marry.

Frank Lampard

Net Worth: 86.84 million

With the wealth and success, he has gotten throughout his career it would almost be expected that Frank Lampard would be a bit of a playboy. He has dated several very beautiful women including Liz McClarnon, Suzanne Shaw and Linnea Dietrichson. He dated Elen Rives for seven years and the pair had two children together. But it was Christine Bleakley that won the grand price and became his wife in 2009.