Top 5 2015 Fashion Trends for Men


Studded Blazers

Studded blazers have being very in this year. Blazers in general look amazing on men and usually they are for much formal events. However, what if you just want to wear them causally? That is why the studded blazer was designed. Studs are generally a much more casual type of wear. Thus, by adding studs onto blazers it completely changes a formal piece into a casual piece that you can wear on a daily basis.

Leather Pants

The forth main 2015 fashion trends for men are leather pants. Leather pants are so wonderful because it completely changes an outfit. Compared to just your normal jeans, leather pants give an outfit something special that no other pants can do. Unlike denim, leather can be worn over leather. So if you want to wear leather pants with a leather jacket, feel free to do so because that is trendy.

Loafer Shoes

Another major fashion trend this 2015, are loafer shoes. You see them everywhere from the runways to the streets to the stores. So many stores are selling loafer shoes now. There are so many different kinds that you can select from. Pairing loafer shoes with ankle cut pants are a great trend.